I agree when I am using the system to get free Instagram likes I will help other users liking their posts back.

How it works?

You have to make login with your Instagram account. Don't worry, your password won't be stored.

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After login, you are redirected to user menu and have to choose between get Likes or Followers.

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You earn 20 Likes + 10 Followers every 30 minutes as a free member.

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Invite friends with your personal link and earn + 1 extra follower and + 1 extra Like for each successful login every request.

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1) How to start?

It is very simple. First of all, you need to make login using your Instagram account – Don't worry, we won't save your credentials, just Instagram has that! Next, you will be redirected to the user menu, when you have to choose between get Followers or Likes, as a free member you can request 10 followers and 20 likes every 30 minutes, or if you want to increase your popularity faster and go without the necessity of following other users back, you can join one of our VIP plans. Click here to be a VIP member!

2) If I invite other friends to use the system what will I earn?

Into your user page you can find a link, inviting friends using that link, you will earn +1 extra Follower and +1 extra Like for each successful invitation in every requisition.

3) Is it really for free?

Yes, if you are a free user it's 100% free. But if you want, you can join one of our VIP packages and increase your followers faster and go without following other users back.

4) Does the system save my password?

No, we don't save your password, we just create the token and use it to follow other users. The system works as a web community, free users help the others following them back.

5) Will other people know that I have been using the system?

No, They won't. We don't make any kind of spam or inappropriate post with your account, and all followers you get are real people.

6) Will I follow other people back when I am using the system?

Yes. The system is based on followers exchange, to get followers, you follow other users back. And don't forget that, the number of following that you have represent your popularity too.

7) Can I unfollow the users the system makes me following?

No, if you do that, the other users will denounce you and you will definitely be banned.

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